Battlefield HQ

What is BFHQ?

Battlefield HQ was started as a grouping of Battlefield players (PC) who both play Hardcore mode AND work together supporting each other in semi-organised team play. We're not professional by any means but we play well when working together as part of a squad. That's our strength.

Join our Battlefield 1 hardcore server

We have an European (EU) based, 64 player hardcore conquest server. We're trying to create a fun place where hardcore Battlefield players can enjoy some great battles. We'll try our best to kick and ban people being overly abusive or those with observation that are seen to be hacking. Our aim is to to try and make the server balanced and we'll try split up BFHQ squads and players where we can, while also moving known other strong players and squads where possible.

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Want to join our Battlefield platoon?

Simply join our BFHQ Battlefield 1 hardcore server and play with us. Where possible join our squads and get involved, though at times our squad may be full so keep trying. We want to make sure that all the players we accept are mature, respectful and integrate into the mechanics of our squad play. We're happy to take on players of all skill levels. What we're looking for are good squad players, those that support each other.

Do you prefer playing Scout?

Sadly our squads don't work so well with scouts. Our ideal squad formations are based around Assault, Support and Medic classes as they can all in some way benefit and support each other. In hardcore we're not as effective as an infantry squad with scouts so we prefer non-scout classes. We understand that some members of our platoon and squads enjoy playing Scout and that's perfectly fine, it's just we'll always prefer the other classes to maximise the effectiveness of our squad.